2017 Chardonnay 

Released in late February…this Chardonnay was aged in stainless vessels. It has a bright and crisp white with hints of citrus and green apple.

2015 Vidal Blanc  — SPECIAL OFFER: $13 per bottle

This is a hybrid grape that produces a dry wine. It’s light and crisp with a blend of tangy fruit and acidity. The finish is softer than the Chardonnay.

2017 Vignoles (veen-YOLE)

Vignoles is a French hybrid grape not widely grown in Virginia. It’s a fruity wine with a dry finish and a pale/straw-like color. The flavor is clean and crisp and can vary dramatically each year based on growing conditions. This vintage has a pleasant balance of citrusy, grapefruit flavor and tartness (acidity).  

 2017 Viognier (vee-oh-NYAY) 

Viognier is a full bodied ine grape known as Virginia's state grape.  This new dry steel aged vintage begins with a bright pearl and mild honey nose and finishes with clean tropical fruits.

2015 Chardonel

Chardonel is a hybrid of Seyval & Chardonnay with subtle tangy fruit flavors and a sweet delicate finish.  Our Chardonel was aged in steel.

2017 Traminette

Our new steel-aged Traminette has a distinct honeysuckle and rose petal nose, with crisp clover honey and exotic tropical fruits and a light semi-sweet finish.

2016 Four Blonds — SPECIAL OFFER: $13 per bottle

Our white blend includes Seyval Blanc, Vignoles, Traminette, and Chardonnel. It’s notes includes peach, melon, and other tropical fruits, providing a smooth, semi-sweet finish.


2017 Rip Rap Rosé

Our Rosé is unique and it’s color is darker than most. That’s because the steel-aged blend is 80% Chambourcin (red) and 20% Traminette (white). The nose is of honey with lingering fruits like cherry and kiwi, and it's finish includes hints of spicy pepper, making for a dry finish.



2016 Petit Verdot

A Bordeaux-style grape. Rich in color. Plum and dark fruit flavors with a dry blackberry finish.

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

Another Bordeaux-style grape; it’s the most recognized of red wines. Ours includes notes of dark cherry and black currant with a smooth finish. 

2015 Inheritage

This is classic blend of Bordeaux-style grapes that includes 52% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc, and 18% Merlot. It has notes of smoky cherry and black pepper followed by a smooth, silky finish.

2014 Radiant Red

This delightful red blend is the sweetest wine Good Luck Cellars offers, and it’s best served chilled. Radiant Red is a complex blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Tannat with just enough spiciness to offset the sweetness.